As part of the iniative of the Ministry for International Cooperation, the Hamburg Institute for Vocational Education and Training (HIBB) is committed to Education for Sustainable Development (BNE) and Global Learning (GL) in Vocational Education and Training. Five vocational schools in Hamburg are currently involved in so-called implementation projects, in which they build and maintain school partnerships with countries on the African continent. The goal is the integration of BNE and GL into the learning areas at the VET schools.

For the coordination work between the institutions and the participating schools, HIBB has set up a project coordinator. The task includes the following activities:

  • Support of the schools participating in the implementation project in building and maintaining global learning partnerships with partners in Africa
  • Maintain contacts with state institutions and schools in the partner country
  • Support of the schools involved in the implementation project in integrating BNE and GL into the learning areas of the respective sections
  • Public presentations of the ongoing work and its results
  • Application for funding to carry out school partnership activities
  • Organizational preparation of meetings in Hamburg and in the partner countries
  • Reporting on the work done at schools
  • Networking with NGOs and state development cooperation institutions